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Finally another german sedan

Hey guys,
my name ist bastian from Mettmann,Germany

Last Saturday i drove with totti and my civic maybee nearly 950km.

So the Car ist from 1988. Second Hand and it is an automatic.
So here a the first pics i take with my mobile phone .

First my Civic ej9

And now here the first pics from my new ride

So the first goodie finaly arrived at my home from the usa

it is the wide mirrow and  here the pic.
i hope that i can shortly put it into the limo.

My plans for the car is to clean it from the rust. do a nice paintjob  take nice rims and a Coilover.
In fact i wolud take it clear and oldschool.
And thats all for now. hope you will enjoy my threat.
i hope i can give u some updates  as soon as possible.

ps: my english ist not the best...

so a nice start, the saturday was a damn loneful trip though ...

here pics that i made at a stop on the way home ... enjoy

(maybe possible that i also post some replies, though we work together and share the sedan-build-up ^^)

EF Sedan Enthusiast

I'm excited that you've got the sedan Very Happy  Looking forward to seeing what you make of it.

Cant wait to see your progress.

i hope i can update here soon,but i have to work the hole weekend so i think that an update will be come next week! At the moment i am looking for an other engine! So on,

So the ed7 from a friend got chrashed and now i will put his engine in my sedan.
So totti and i take every thing we need for my sedan.

Also i find nice oem momo stearing wheel.
But here are the pics i hope u like them.

i hope u like it

Wow thats one beat up hatch hope no one was hurt but its god to see the parts go to good use.  Nice find on the momo wheel.

Holy shit that's some serious damage. Good luck with your sedan.

Wow thats a pretty crazy crash..

Lucky it is LHD or was there a passenger in it?

Nice project Cool

everything was cool.
he was alone in the car.

i hope that i can start in a few days to switch the engine an all the other things.

i hope i can update soon

so small update it was christmas and i found  by a honda dealer in  a rear spoiler for the trunk! i will send you the pics tomorrow!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Wow, great find!

und wie weit seid ihr? schon was geschafft??  Very Happy

hey leider noch nicht... auto steht in oberhausen und finde keine zeit zurzeit leider.
suche auch ne halle in haan wuppertal  oder solingen aber nix zu finden... leider

Keep the German talk in the language specific forums please gentlemen.  Cool

okay Smile  just asked for updates but there isn't one Wink

his car is about 50km away from his home at a frends garage ... will start soon with the swap first to keep it runnin and move over here ...

wow, you drove that far to get the Sedan? 'til Mansfelder Land? Are you kidding?
Regards from Cologne. Is not that far to Mettman. Maybe we can get together- for our Sedans... Smile

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