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F&F type 1 vs. Ksport coilovers

Well i was suppose to order my coilovers a week ago but i really cant decide what i want cause i've been reading mixed reviews about ksports and that was my original choice.  SO, im just making this thread to see if any of you guys have any personal reviews on the ksports and F1's before i make my decision.  I'm kind of leaning towards F1's now but I would like to hear some input on ksports first.

Thanks in advance

i don't think there's much difference between any of the "entry level" coil overs. i can't say anything for the Function&Form pieces but my buddy had the Ksports on the sedan i now own. my driving impression was good. plenty of adjustment and not harsh on the street, at the auto-x they did well, considering the sedan has no rear sway bar the coilovers did an excelent job of body control. for the current prices i don't think you would go wrong with the Ksports.

alright that was exactly what i was looking for and my car is gonna be my DD so it should be good right?  also how long has was the ksports on your car?

a little over a year. although it wasn't a daily driver. i think they are holding up pretty good. sorry to take so long to reply  Embarassed they will be going on to a 91 crx soon. i think you'll be fine with them for daily use. depends how low you go really. we didn't have the car slammed but there was only about a finger width between tire and fender at all 4. plus the car had 16x7 wheels. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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