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Extended top hat measurements

Im making some custom top hats and was wondering if anyone had a good idea on measurements for the back and front.
I'm tryin to sit pretty low



not sure on the size. but ill let u know tomorrow. but it depends how low u want to go.

Pretty damn low.
An maybe it'll take some bounce outta my ride

How about  inch Ina half all around?

Stock theyre 1in.  My rears are now 3in and front im not sure cuz they are stored. But i think theyre 2 or 2¹/²in

Ihope you make top hats is very fashion. I like cartoon hats, thanks!

My bad
So I would be adding a inch Ina half all around
So 2 1/2 inches  final size all around?

i would do 2 1/2. f and 3 1/2 r.  

add 1 1/2 in front
and 2 1/2 rear.

but try to get more info. ask other people that might have them.

It really depends on you. You can go like 3 inches in the back & How ever many you can fit in the front. I have an inch & A half on the front & 3 in the back. Here's how my sedan sits. I can still go about an inch lower.


I agree with the 1 & 1/2" up front and I personally like 2 & 1/2" in the back.  Any bigger in the front and you will be rubbing the top of the shock on the hood which is not good!  Don't ask how I know. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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