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alarm guru

exhaust opition?

i want a 2.5 inch exhaust but i dont really see any i like fr the sedans. ive had apexi WS and WS2 on all of my cars but they dont even make them for our cars. what are some of my options? i dont want a loud fart can i just want a throaty sound. i currently have a magnaflow oem replacement which has the sound i like but the rest of my piping is small

2 options : 1) Take an exhaust made for a hatchbeck and lengthen in the straight sections. 2) have an exhaust shop make you 2.5 in back to the magniflow muffler.


this is commonly asked question...

Does the piping have to be extended for clearance issues or could you just put a weld-in slip pipe and/or muffler tip to clear the bumper?

i just finished the exhaust on mine....i used a complete exhaust I think to be from a Integra. It fit perfect believe it or not!

The axle back portion I used is actually from a CRX. I had to take it to a muffler shop and they stuck in an extension to fit.......MMMMMM STAINLESS soooooo pretty under the car from behind

My muffler is cocked a lil sideways instead of straight out the back of the bumper....looks good and sounds good. I took out the cat as well.... need some...maybe i can get one one here later

I have 2.5 on mine from dp back. HOWEVER the shop I dropped it off at ran the muffler out the passanger side. They notched my bumper for it to clear. It looks just like it would if you ran it on the driver side. So now I'm goin duals with a butterfly y pipe and I can run 1 side open.

i have 2 inch cat back turbo muffler auto zone tip. medium quiet throaty sound. i like it haha

I have an Invidia N1 exhaust for the crx made to fit my sedan. It sits with a pretty big angle in the bumper, so its pretty extreme as far as looks. But i like it a lot.  Ive never heard a better sounding exhaust either. And its very hi quality, its been through 2 winters and has zero rust on it. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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