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Exhaust Leak

So back in November, my exhaust broke between where it connects to the manifold and where the bend in the pipe is. I had it welded back together, and for the last two months or so, it has started to crack again. There is a crack on both the left and right side of the pipe, right in the bend and at the middle of the bend, underneath it is another crack that connects the other two, forming a perfect "H."

I was wanting to know, where I could get another exhaust pipe, so that I can replace it this time instead of just welding it.


Junkyards....  Shocked

The closest one to me is almost an hour away

One thing you could do is find a muffler shop or place where they might do that kind of work (welding bending pipes) and have them cut and weld a new pipe in there, it's not very expensive to have something like that done. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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