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exhaust extending

I know this question is over asked, but what do u have to do to use a hatchback exhaust. can you just add an extention at the end or do u have to splice it in somewhere.

You just get a welder to add a section of pipe at the midpipe section.

Thanks Jon!!! Very Happy  So far your the only person to answer can someone tell me why it has to be added at midpipe? What does it interfere with? Confused

It doesn't interfere, the sedan is just longer than a hatchback, and a HB longer than a crx.

The reason to extend in the midpipe area is because that is a straight section, everything lines up from the rear except for the missing inches at the middle.

Roughly how short is it?

less than 2 feet short. somewhere from 6-9 inches between HB and sedan.

and if got a welder at home you can get a section of exhaust pipe from any auto store for like 7 bucks, im lookin at a hatch exhaust for mine too, but good luck in for pics of progress

i just extended the exhaust tip with my exhaust. no pic of how it looks now, but this is how it looked before it was extended


Thanks guys! Very Happy  Was looking at a hatchback exhaust someone was selling cheap. Your guys info was really appreciated! To bad he sold it already Crying or Very sad  Oh well now i know what i need to do when i find a new one i like

Oh and thanks BlU CIVIC the pic was helpful Smile

I extended the midpipe and tip with some pipe from another exhaust I had.

Be careful if you have a rear sway bar, you may have to tweak things to get the exhaust to clear it.

NICE!!!!!!!!!! I like it! Awesome exaust tip! what brand is that? and out of curiousity what brands do other people have? anyone? Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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