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EX calipers/rotors on DX hubs

My first post here fellas! Nice to find a 4g4d forum....and nice to see people like em! I had my first about 10 years ago and finally made my way back to a 91 Dx. I also have a 91 Crx that is my DD but planning on making this my daily. Payed too much for it and had no engine/trans/axles/fuel pump, etc but luckily being the Honda man I am I had all that laying around already  Twisted Evil

Tokico Blues on Skunk coilovers, JDM D15b vtec, 5spd cable trans, sway bars, DA rear disc....I installed all this over the past week but still gotta get a obd1 harness.....running a p28

ANYWAY....sorry for my rambling..

I scored some EX hubs with new axles at the yard but my DX hubs are in better shape....

Can I swap the rotors, calipers, and brackets over to my DX hubs? I still gotta grab the driver side this weekend.

dont know about the ex on dx hub i heard of people using a legend, crv caliper on to a integra hub

I just pulled the caliper mounting bracket off the driver side EX and held it up the the passenger side DX that I have removed already and the bolt holes line up!!!


therefore....EX brakes ie: rotors, calipers AND mounting bracket, swap right onto the DX hubs. Much beefier than stock DX and cheaper than having to buy the whole knuckle if you dont need it!

My junkyard is $40 all you can carry so its not so bad  Cool

thanks for the info most people do it using the integra hub thanks for confirming it

I just got the swap done today.....DID NOT WORK.

The hubs are basically identical but there wasnt enough room for the caliper mounting bracket between the rotor and hub....very tight...too tight

I suppose one could go about shaving down the hub and calliper bracket assembly to make it fit. That would definately work. I just didnt wanna go through the trouble....would just need to shave approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch off the bracket and/or hub where the caliper mounting bracket bolts onto the hub itself. ALL BOLT HOLES LINE UP!

I cleaned up the ex hubs and got em back to good shape and swapped them on....mmmmm nice! DA rear disc too! With a prelude 15/16" MC (bolt on) and a 40/40 prop axles  Cool

also...thinking about could space the rotor out from the hub a lil bit and they would fit quite probs at all

If not, looks like its a half inch cut/trim that needs done

ex brakes in the front, da rear disc. prelude master cylinder sounds tight

did the master cylinder bolt right onto the dx booster or did you modify? Question

Bolted on brotha!!!!!!! My pedal is stiff as hell though, which really doesnt matter...the brakes stop like a mofo. Its not real stiff, its more like you get in some newer cars or other vehicles than honda i guess....every honda i have had grabs around halfway to the floor....this one is more like a quarter....and i mean grab

LINES BOLT RIGHT ON .... no mods necessary

every ex i everfind in the junk yard always has them missing.... everything from the master cylinders to the brakes all aorund.... never am lucky to find a complete ex

thats why you get the old boxy style prelude one....bolts right up and the brake lines match up too......15/16ths.....same size as EX and integra

Got it on mine....did it myself. Twisted Evil Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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