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Got a '90 150 16v with a ZC SOHC I4 VTEC-E motor punishing the car's auto box (not my idea, previous owners mixmatch) Confused Problem is Jap specc'd motor (Very Happy) had no control box so the motor has the carb intake manifold form the 150 on it. Needless to say the car is a dog!

So fixups are:
Replace RTA Bearings - Done
Replace steering rack (wanting to convert to P/S)
Replace intake manifold to F/E to match 160i VTEC-E OR just
dump the motor for a std. 160i to match the autobox.

This is a family car so the kids (including wife-to-be have to be happy with it.

Nice. Sounds good.

Welcome lets see some pics.

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Welcome lets see some pics.


mag wheel offset


I remember from shodding my SR4 with 17' rims (with 205x40 profile tyres)  Very Happy  and them lowering it 40mm Shocked , I had to use a 40mm offset to clear the steering arms, now this vehicle has 195x45 profiles but the tyres are run off on the inside shoulder and my steering arm has taken the brunt of punishment (needs to be replaced), so is it safe to say I need a 40mm offset with these rims aswell?

These rims came with the car and I'm not too keen on the style anyway so I'm not adverse to changing them either.

Thanks for the welcome guys, pics to follow.

P.s. to post pics do we use an external img source and link them?[/img]

welcome, am curious! post pics dude Very Happy Forum Index -> The Intro...
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