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EOI: Pole Position keys

This is a quick expression of interest-
One of my mates runs a business selling mx5 parts and while in Japan bought a whole bunch of these pole position blank keys in BOTH Mazda and Honda versions.

If anyone on here is interested, either comment or send me a PM. I will add prices to this when they become available.

Quick stock photo for those not familiar with Pole Position-

Interested!!!! Prices please!

EF4lyf3 wrote:
Interested!!!! Prices please!


So are we gonna get a chance to order these?? Im serious about getting one.

Yep you will, my friend is away for work right now but will be back soon. I sent him a message tonight and will get a reply back here within the next 24 hours.
Sorry to keep you guys waiting. But details will be here shortly!

Thank you for the update. It will be that much sweeter when i get one because its taking a process! lol

Any updates.,I'm still interested.

OK guys update!

There are three keys available right now for $40 each shipped.

Contact <--- John for payment!

I hope you guys enjoy your keys. Next time I'll try to be faster with updates. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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