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Enginge trouble!!

I have a 91 crx si with a jdm it from a junk yard about 6 months ago had it completely rebuilt..put it would start but misfire the whole time..and the b16 head had bad valve seals ,rockers and or lifters..tried adjustint them didn't work at rid of the head for a ported gsr head..put it on same thing stll also had bad valve them replaced same misfire.I have know idea what it could be..took our the spark plugs and found oil on top of two pistons(ones closest to dizzy)..did a compression check on them I got 90 and 0 don't know where the oil is coming from..sum people say I have a bent valve sumwhere but took the head back off checked it looks fine..others say its because the rings haven't seated..the motor only has about 5 miles maybe..if even that.sum say head gasket but it doesn't like..atleast not where I can tell..I have replaced everything on the motor..sumone also said it could be a bad pcv valve..not even sure if mine was hooked up..I'm running a mugen chipped obd 0 b16 computer and a stock gsr intake..if anyone has any suggestiong or idea what it could be I would greatly appreciate it...THANKS!!!

wish i could help..... almost bought that car years ago
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Thanks...everyone keeps telling me best thing I ever brought still needs sum work though

Have you checked the valve seats to make sure thats not the cause of the oil dump on the piston? Also did you use chrome rings? If so they take awhile to seat and they may never seat if you didn't hone the cylinders during the rebuild..

Let me know what you figure out man PM me if you have any questions.
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no I haven't checked it yet..but I took the head off yesterday gonna get it checked out..not sure what rings they were ...don't think they were chrome though..and the machine shop did all the work..but everything looks good though...but I have had nothing but problems since I got the motor..and I was pulling out of the driveway the other day and blew a huge hole in the back of my lsd b16 i f I can't fix it soon...I'm gonna put a single cam back in or zc if I can find one

Sounds like your bottom end is the culprit. If you're having trouble gaining compression and the valves are good then it sounds as if you have stuck rings.
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Yea I got the head checked out yesterday and its completely fine..soo tommorow I'm gonna pull the motor out and take it back to the machine shop ..what could cause stuck rings?

Fuel and oil deposits on the rings when it just sits. The fuel is the most detrimental because when it evaporates it takes certain lubricating qualities with it. Leaving the oil to gel and eventually harden. So the next time you go to do anything, the rings are stuck in their respective grooves. That accounts for the lack of compression. Of course that and the fact that the motor sounds as if it might have a few miles on it. that would wear the cylinder walls and create excessive ring gap, again, accounting for the lack of compression.
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Well that's just it the motor is brand new has maybe 5 miles on it if even has been misfiring the whole time and this time it has a brand new head so I know its not that..pulling the motor now to take to the machine shop hopefully it will b fixed this week Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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