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Engine swaps?

i was gonna put in a d15b vtec engine but im think of a small change in to a b16 instead tell what u guys think
ohh and the car has Si's and lowerd on tokiko blues and ebay coilovers with the new header thanks for readin
Type-S EF

the work between those 2 swaps, and the cost are way differant, D means you dont need a trans, use all the stock mounts

Its all dependant on the time you can go without driving your car (figure at the least, a weekend) and the money you have, B series is going to be a better route, or you could go the rarely traveled route, sometimes a bit cheeper H2D

hey thanks im just seein if its worth the extra time/money but thanks for the info

GO WITH A B16A........VTEC POWER!!!!!

thats what im thinkn but i heard for the price of an install on the b16 i could have a boosted single cam Vtec if not where can i find a good site with b16a short blocks


seriously goto you won't find a better deal i got complete swap for 2600 shipped that's axles mounts shiftlinkage...etc and it's the cleanest thing ever. i mean looks brand spanking new
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Personally I would go with the obd1 D15B.  It's the unsung hero of the D series engines.  It's an easy swap if you're good at wiring.  It'll produce good numbers and allow you to spank B series with less money invested.  But that's just my .02  Razz

how much does that engine run for?

the D15B Vtec is $550 u can get a cheaper one for 450 but i wouldint know if its reliable. then u need to get the p28 computer and wireing harness. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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