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Engine Swap

Hey guys im looking to swap out my D15b2 with any B16 engine.
Can anyone help my out with a list of parts that will be needed or direct me in the direction of the information.
Thanks  Smile

dpfi to mpfi conversion
engine mounts
shift linkage
DA axles
obd conversion depending on what obd the engine is
engine harness

I think thats everything

...Engine (longblock), Tranny, Swap shift linkage, axles, modified harness (if you know anything about wiring you could do it or you could send it off to someone else to cut it up for you), ECU, B series ef swap Motor mounts and rear tranny mount.

thought i would take a stab at it

oh and maybe a modified intake because of where the b - series intake usually goes. or you may be able to just run off of your stock d series intake and not have to move your intake/battery

lol we were writing our post at the same time he just finished his quicker


yeah his whole dpfi to mpfi and obd conversion would be covered if you just sent it off to rywire or chase bays. I sent mine off to rywire and they did great work. Thats just because i am not comfortable with wiring yet.

Thanks for the reply's guys.
I'm still looking for a good engine, so I'm going to start gathering parts.  
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