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engine swap problems

i replaced my motor and my car (d15b2) starts but then dies out in idle, it wasnt the timing so idk what i can be. i replaced the distributor, main relay (it made a clicking noise when i start my engine) and its still the same with the new one, i honestly dont know what can be wrong with my car? my last option is that my exhaust is plugged up and isnt letting anything come up the tail pipe... Can anyone help me out who has had the same problem, Thanks i really appreciate it

First off, Your main relay is supposed to click my friend. Thats telling you that your getting power to the fuel pump and it is primed. Second, check your ecu plugs, make sure they are all connected completely. you also might have accidently switched the on brown clip that goes to the back of the manifold for the IACV with the injector brown clip. This happens all the time so dont worry. Make sure the spark plug wires are in the correct order, I have been doing motor swaps and tune ups and things to EFS for about 6 years now and still manage to mess up the sequence of the wires.

Maybe you forgot the plug the vacuum hose from the map sensor to the intake manifold.  My friend did this about 2 weeks ago and his car would start and always die soon after.

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