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Engine Light

I have been having a odd problem for a long time now, heres the deal

I get a check engine light when i let off the gas in gear, not immediately but soon after, car runs fine and has no lose of power and if i shut it off and turn it back on it reset's. so im thinking computer is not dinging some sensor.

I think i am going to have to plug it into a diagnostic machine deal, but was thinking maybe someone here might know what it is

When I swapped my tranny the speedometer wasn't hooked back in right. After 2 min of driving my CEL would turn on and reset when the car was turned off. So hondajunkie told me it might be my speed sensor. But I got the speedo working and it quit. Mabey it's that tranny speed sensor acting up.

It happens on my hatchback when I have it on 4th gear for a long time Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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