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Engine Bay...Fully Shaved Or Just Tucked?

Trying decide which direction I wanna go with my engine bay. It will receive a full wire tuck, brake line tuck, etc...just don't know if I wanna fully shave it, filling all the little holes and what not. I think leaving the holes looks more mean or menacing, but a friend of mine just finished his fully shaved/tucked bay and it looks amazing...what do you guys think?

What else do you have going on? What kind of build are you doing? that might help in the decision making.  Cool

K20/K24...decided I'm not gonna shave'll go better with the aesthetics of the car...I want a clean bay but not something too show car like...

I say just tuck it and dont shave it, if you ever want to go back to stock in like 10 years or something then you still have the oppertunity Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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