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EF9 Taillights, Spoon Reservoir Socks

EF9 Taillights, Spoon Reservoir Socks...

$250 Shipped, I can be reached by text or email. They are clean....just check out the pics. The Spoon Res socks are $20 shipped.



srry bro but 99% of ppl wont purchase any of you things without paypal. safest way and sell.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Plus those tail lights won't fit our sedans.

No shit, really?

Nice! Good Luck with the sale Laughing I know i have sent checks before and the person cashes them, but you never know if you are gonna get your stuff.. Not saying you'll do that, but some reassurance is always good.. Send C.O.D or something?

Yeah, I was thinking either certified letter or getting my friend to help me with his PayPal. But if PayPal gets used, their fees are gonna be additional to the price of any given item(s).

If someone used paypal, tell them to pay you as a gift.. That way nothing is taken out.  Laughing

I can take paypal now.

Let me know if you want these, if you use paypal, include any fees incurred for the service. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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