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EF's from japan [EF Summit2011]

Enjoy! :p

Here's the video Smile

lovin the efs gotta keep them alive theyre a dieing breed =p

damn... envy all over my face
Dolie ED3

First you tube clip,love it!such a nice EF,s :)so low sliding by!

First clip sure is awesome, gotta love what they did to their cars Cool
Yakuza EF

Damn... Shocked think I'm inlove, looking goooood

some cool ef's Very Happy wonder will mine ever see the road again???

i want the 4g-scene like this toooooooooooo

itīs a pity that the germans want newer models, from 96s ej/eks up ...

but the oldskool-efs are the best in style, look and parts ...

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