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EF hood bra ?

hey guys i was wondering how diffrent the Hatch/sedan hood bras were. I have the chance to pickup one for a hatch, but idk how well it will work/fit on the sedan. Any input oh and what is a good price for one ? in good shape OEM thanks in avance for any input

I've seen pics of hatch ones on the sedan, they look ok.

They're not identical though.

noone would be able to tell the difference if you didnt tell them Smile

i have a 4door hood bra on my white 4 door and i had it on my hatch i couldnt tell the difference

this is helpful to me so the hacth hood bra will fit a sedan as we can only get hatch hood bras in the uk i think so this is perfect help

Old post/topic, but in case anyone is still wondering--

I have a hatchback bra, but haven't tried it yet. Been meaning to, though.

My wagon didn't like it, that's for sure...

Will post pics when I put it on  the sedan.

Oh, I think I paid $80 for it. With corner wing things and the original box.

they fit. i made extra clips to kinda pull the bra more to decrease the wrinkles. cant really tell the difference.

hatch on my sedan

and here the hatch is on the left and sedan is on the right. notice the hatch is longer on the nose part. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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