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Where are you guys getting these card from other countries! I want one. I know it will probably cost a lot to ship but whatever it's for my favorite car. Now how are you getting them. I've seen them from Japan, Australia, Poland and England. Help me and many others who want to know.


I got mine from the same state I live in. Where exactly are you from??

I'm from Florida but I want one from another countries. They come with heated seats and grills and other cool stuff
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Do you have any friends in Europe?  These sedans are becoming harder and harder to find in decent condition.  Keep in mind, it becomes easier to import once the vehicle is 25 years or older.

Two good things about living in Florida concerning ef's is
1) live by the ocean so importing could be easier
2) there are a few avid ef sedan owners that live in that state that are on the website that could help you out locally
Good luck with the search

I am saving up now for my next purchase, a foreign sedan hopefully.

Keep posted on your search efforts. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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