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EF emergency AAA help

Got this idea from another forum but would be good for those close to people in need of help to have someone to get some help from.

Man.I needed triple A a few months back when my waterpump went out

thats what im sayin, for all of us in need we should be able to look up an see if any close by members are willing to come help. we need to get a address book with names location an numbers for people who think its a good idea going.

I second this idea wholeheartedly. For as much mechanical knowledge as I have, I have no real experience or tools. Plus I work at the Seattle pyramid alehouse so any help could be paid generously in awesome beer Wink

Quick help me I need help! Shocked any one want to drive to Missouri to help me and Megan Fox? Laughing  Just kidding its a great idea but wouldn't help me much! Laughing  Is it just for sedans or all members? Confused Forum Index -> General Discussion
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