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EF Bros cruising and my sedan

Cruising after the Wednesday night meets in Arlington Texas

My Sedan

need to take new ones
maybe this week  Very Happy

I knew you would get an account sooner or later hahaha, what up man, i commented on your vids from youtube. sick sedan tho, ill be rolling to dallas next summer with my 4 door so maybe ill pass one of your meets and chill with you guys if thats coo. big ups, keep it original.

Haha yeah bro i got one a little after i posted the pics
and yeah your more then welcome to come through and kick it man
and i appreciate it bro

Anytime broz. How beastly of a heart does your EF have lol, currently im stock but going b20 vtec all motor, wire tuck, the whole shehbang hahaha.

all stock dpfi
gonna convert it to mpfi hopefully by this week
but i plan on doing gsr or ls turbo soon but who knows

sweet, so then you have an SI trans? cuz in one of your vids you pulled away from your boy prelude pretty quick lol. And thats sick, i hope to have my build done by the time i drive out there.

nope bone stock engine and trans
just has exhaust and air filter cone
but my engine is really healthy i push it every now and then but my maintenance on it is all done by me and the preludes have a slow take off but when vtec kicks in it catches up pretty quick

Cool cars man..

Any pics of the CRX?

Their CRX is super clean too...and boosted Smile. Get your boy on here man CRX are welcome too Smile

yo man, thatīs really nice, i like your sedan ... individual look though  Very Happy


Thats a seriously cool CRX ye have a nice crew going!!

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah you and your crew are gonna have to roll down here for a meet next year.

yeah for sure we gonna be having one here in Dallas around spring time but for EF 'S only Smile

also check out my hb wagovan RT AWD  that's been down for awhile and is back up and rolling   Very Happy Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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