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ED3 From Russia

I from Russia. In Moscow not so it is a lot of sedans of the fourth generation, but at me is, I have bought it for two thousand dollars, a condition bad, but it very much it to be pleasant to me and I wish it to restore. Excuse for errors, I badly know English...


NICE! Welcome and nice to see one of these out there also.....WOW!

Looks like a good start.  Body seems pretty straight. A buff and polish might bring the paint back. The wheels look good too! Clean those up and get some pics!

Thanks! It is necessary to paint the car, expensively, but I will make it, have ordered to myself rubber 215/50 R13...

B20B, Y1 LSD

How to fix??????

navigator )))))))))

it coming along nicely. i like it  :thumbsup:

That B20 should be alot of fun! As far as your tranny mount issue you will most likely need a b series to ef chassis. When I swapped my ls I left the da mount on and it looked like yours. It looks great so far!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Not bad, thanks for keeping us updated!

I like the new wheels.

Can i ask what the hole in your rear bumper is for? I've seen them on a couple of European sedans. Was what they're put there for.


All thanks for warm words)))))))) the Project at a stage of completion, money doesn't suffice, I work on two works and still I help to do cars, spare parts are heavy for finding, in a back bumper I did an aperture, there the muffler was, there was even a week and I think that we will put the engine, there are no fastenings, приварем will attach))))) hands eats for this purpose))))))
Joey f.

Awesome to see a sedan in Russia! B20 with a Y1 LSD? Thats definitely going to be a fun little ride !

Such sedans B20 in Moscow aren't present, only at me is))))) Y1 there are 1000 dollars and still it very rare...

Here there is some photo))))


looking good so far. With a little cleaning that engine bay would look real nice.

Really nice good work..

Is there many EF Civics/CRXs in Russia?

I'm diggin' the 7 ball shifter

Thanks guys))))))

C-Rex wrote:
Really nice good work..

Is there many EF Civics/CRXs in Russia?

CRX in Russia it is not enough, 20 pieces, think no more, a sedan with В20В one in Russia, at me, I will paint work there are 2500 thousand dollars the sedan, works more many in the Summer, want to arrive on a visit to the USA on the ED, but is very expensive, I will dream))))))
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