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Ed Box Civic

So back in November of 2011 i bought my second EF sedan for $400 off of Craigslist. This one was an EX ,It got a distributor and oil change valve cover gasket plugs,wires ,rotor,and cap before leaving the previous owners driveway in Boulder CO. This is what it looked like when i showed up to see it. The car had sat for a year and a half while the previous owner was studying overseas. He had tons of paperwork on it in the three years he had it, and he had only put about 30k on it.

Once I got it back home to Denver the work kept going. I replaced the windshield,the alternator and belt. It was a slow going project at this time I was working at a grocery store and not making a lot of money. I started surfing Craigslist and did mange to find someone in Colorado Springs to trade me my steelies with fresh tires for some Si coupes with crappy large miss matched tires

The crappy tires didn't last long. I soon got some 195/50/15 Kuhmos and  upgraded the front brakes to EBC dimpled and slotted rotors and some green stuff pads, I also was able to score all 4 mudflaps for $10 a corner from a local junkyard

The next picture was one of my favorite trips to the salvage yard,I snapped this pic on the way out after I installed my $30 yakima roof rack a Holden parked next to me, Its like an Aussie GTO but its a new school El Camino Ive never seen one before or after this

I Liked the yakima stuff it was super cheap used. It also made me fall in love with BMX bikes again

Here are a couple of  cool shots I grabbed when I went to a local junkyard parts hunting

I had added a DC center console and some headrests along with a 1st gen Integra shift knob to clean up the inside a bit. i had also replaced the water pump, timing belt, tension spring and bearing

At this point the car was coming along quite nicely but I wanted more I had been slowly chipping away at a huge mental to do list for about a year at this point. I was hitting up the local parts piles for a long time finding nothing until one day I finally found a red 1991 lx with a very clean interior minus the broken ass dash. i bought everything besides the dash and the front seats

Soon after i began swapping the blue for the black first the doors then the floors. I cleaned the crap out of the floor before i put my new carpet down i was surprised at all of the sand change candy dog hair and crap hiding under my old blue stuff.

When i was putting the center console back together i found some Clean DA Integra seats and a Skunk2 single bend shifter and matching knob. At this point was still rocking a crappy faded broken blue dash

Then it snowed it snowed a lot and I had no time to work on Ed Civic, Because I was always driving a plow

I wont lie it was awhile before I drove or worked on my project and at one point I kinda neglected it but when spring rolled around I realized  a cool fact right next to my work at the building next to my favorite coffee stop is Pro Import and Import Sports, that means free car porn and honestly it was the kick in the pants i needed. taking these from time to time keeps me going.If by chance the owners of any of the following cars want these pics removed I will do so upon request

In April of 2013 I went on a family trip to Las Vegas and in the Luxor parking lot I saw this blue EG. That was the final straw my Honda bug bit me again as soon as i Got back from vacation i was gonna go hard on Ed Civic

You know how life has a way of biting you in the ass sometimes or well in this case shi****g on you when I Got back from Vegas this happened and began a interesting chain of events

An Owl or something big did this right after I got the windows tinted. Later that night going to the grocery store I noticed the car was running a bit warmer than normal and the overflow seemed low. I filled it with a water bottle I had after letting it cool off and went straight home. The next day i looked it over and found the rad was cracked at the bottom and one of the hoses on the manifold was split. So i replaced everything all of the manifold hoses, upper and lower rad hoses, The rad, the thermostat all with Honda parts just like everything else Ive ever done to the motor.Two days later it wouldn't start due to a dead battery so I replaced the battery and changed the oil and could not get the drain plug back in, it was stripped and I don't think this was the first time. I ended up replacing the pan and gasket along with an A/C idle pulley that was squeaking and belt as well as a power steering belt. It wasn't long before I tracked down a dash from an online dealer

It took a long time to get to me But it was well worth the wait. I has collected most of the dash plastic and bought some of it new. it wasn't until I joined this site that I finally found some dash vents. Thank you again Patrick

I'm working on taking more pictures this is when the dash was mostly back together. Shortly after this I found the rest dash trim caps. Then I installed alpine type e speakers in the doors and type s in the rear mounted in OEM pods  i bought new off of ebay. It sounds great i recently added an alpine 1000w amp and a 10in type x in a ported box

This is before the speaker pods in the back seat. I don't have any pics of them currently.(I still need to change out those ugly blue seat belts and the E brake) handle But its super nice to have surround sound. most recently I have added an 89 Integra Front lip replaced both of the front wheel bearings and added an HKS Cat back

Had to add a little bit on to it to make it flush

I love the way this sounds its a nice deep quiet purr and I think the twin tips look awesome

The paint could have been a bit better but i think it will be okay

Now I Know its not as bad ass as this seven assed Toyota I saw last summer but I really dig this stock looking setup and quiet low tone


looking good man.

Nice work man.

Thanks guys its been a slow project so far but stay tuned ill have a house with a garage sometime in the next couple of months and it'll be time to get to work

you welcome bro.No problem on those vents they were just sitting in the garage. I'm glad they came out good.

Man you will never know how much I appreciate you cleaning your garage I looked a long time before you helped me out

I know they would come to good use one day. I never throw old parts from the civic away. As I change stuff around i keep the old ones, just in case someone on here need something.

I know the feeling I do the same thing especially with smaller stuff. I had most of the smaller covers and plastics collected before I got the dash. I was about to give in and paint my blue vents and then your box arrived. They were the last things I needed. I swapped the dash that night with a big flashlight in front of my apartment and have been making lots of steady progress ever sence  Smile

pretty damn cool  Very Happy

Joined a local group of old school Honda nuts. Did the show and cruise with the Colorado Springs chapter. I had a blast meeting new friends and getting a horrible sunburn. Thank you efman for the invite


Nice looking good.
EF Sedan Enthusiast


Honda Junkie that pic would have been better with two more sedans man  Surprised I hope to see you at the next one hopefully

Oh yea ill be at the next EFfective meet hopefully I need to get my Buddy club spec 2 exhaust fit for my sedan then ill be good to go. Are you not using the bike rack anymore on your sedan?

Sweet man I can't wait to see your ride, I got rid of it awhile ago it was really beat up.I have a source on a discontinued Honda one idk what its from but I'll see what I can do, If it won't work Ill get another yakima I still have the basket and gobs of random hardware but I want somthing nice to put my expensive custom built BMX on. Somthing with locks that I'll feel more comfotable hauling my $1200 roof candy around on

That van looks sick. Quite a ef meet going on there.

I know I saw that van earlier this year and had to get a close look at it, its the most awesome soccer mom mobile I've ever seen haha That meet was sick I saw thingsI've only read about like a true rhd ef9 and some clean rhd converted crxs as well as a real mitsu evo 3
boosted ef2

Everything is looking sweet..Thats oddessey is bad ass!!

Thats alll u needed to modify on the exhaust?

Right I know man she must take the kids to soccer and the the van to the track haha, thanks man it finally feels like iam making some progress, yea that's the only spot I had to mod the rest of it slipped right in the factory hangers and bolted right up it was a lot eaiser than I had thought it would be
boosted ef2

Best soccer mom ever..Theres a white one here thats slammed and all vip'd its bad ass..

Really i thought there was alot more to it than just that lol...Well i guess most people dont think to just extend the tips and mod the actual piping...Car is looking good though

That's sick man haha right yea the hks install was super easy it took about 45min from crappy old exhaust to finished painted new product, but If you want a loud exhaust this is not for you its super quiet with a nice deep low tone that is pretty even throughout the rpms


Hahahaa, that owl went to town on your trunk lid!

So i have not been on here lately. But I am still making small progress I replaced the alternator and have still been junk picking. I have not had much money due to saving for a move into a house with some much needed work space in October. But I have got all new pedal covers, a header, and I'm about ready to do my disc swap in the rear i just need a black e brake handle and cables before I will be ready, I will most likely buy some stainless lines for the front as well

boosted ef2

Looks sweet ..   ur gonna have fun burning those old bushings out probably gonna swap to Integra rear disc and go spherical soon though

bro those bushings stunk i did them on my balcony with a propane torch and a crappy knife in Thursday morning when i get off work ill have some time and Ill press those energy bushings in but if i can i want to install my $40 craigslist header soon Ill have the whole exhaust done finally Very Happy I also found a Thule roof rack setup i could not pass up this weekend in the junk pile it just needs locks i could'nt pass it up for $10 its honestly in super good shape now that Ive worked it over a bit
boosted ef2

Yea they smell horrible lol.I poured fgas on mine and watched them burn.. then used a wire wheel to clean the hole... lube it and it will go right in no need to use a press unless u have one already.. I do need to get ss lines though.. but im probably gonna pull everything off next summer and put it on my crx and get Integra stuff and go spherical.

Man it was so bad I just sat the torch on them and let it go then would stop and scrape every 30 min or so for about 2.5 hrs a side they came out super clean I'm happy with it , I was going to take them to a friend of mine who has a press when I get them done, I wanted to go spherical and I still may someday but I got these bushings at that unbeatable free price from a good buddy who was sadly leaving the honda scene.  I needed somthing because the bushings in them were totally boned But all in all this car has held a lot of good deals for me there are so many goodies for them and some of them are not too hard to find or too expensive if you are willing to clean them up and re purpose them

Nice stuff man

I need bushing and bearings for my rear disc brakes. Moral of the store, I'm lazy.

I have like  2 inch gap from my da center console to the dash center console. How did you get yours to fit so perfectly. I was debating on bringing mine to a boat shop to have it fiberglass. Any easier solution.

So today I went to drive the civic to pick up some goodies I found on cl and found someone had try to steal it in the middle of the day while I was asleep the drivers window was pulled out of the frame  and the ignition was hanging on off the column and the harness under the dash had been pulled apart :/ I hope my insurence can help me cover some of the cost, patrick to make that console fit so tight I drilled a hole in the passenger side lower dash support I just kind of snugged it up and poked a sharpie through the hole in the console then tap and drill and I used a small sheet metal screw to make it hold well

That sucks sorry to hear that I hope you get help fixing it.

Nice pickup on the rear disc I really like mine. Really tired of hearing about theft in Denver on Hondas it's getting crazy sorry to hear about that man.

Glad it wasn't stolen. Could of been a lot worse.

I think the rear disc upgrade will be great I camt wait to install them,  it sucks what happened today but it coild have been a lot worse at least they only broke shit and didn't take anything but ill have to have a new window seal and motor on the drivers side as well as a bit of bodywork for what happened on the inside window frame, and an ignition and some wiring work from where they went to town on the column and a passenger window seal they broke that as well, I talked with my insurence agents and they will pay all but my $250 deductible ed civic is going on a flatbed to import sports just down the block from me to get all fixed up hopefully ill have him back in a week or so, I was able to find a free thule wind fairing today from a buddy all I need now is locks and a bike tray and ill be good ill keep you fellas up to date on Ed as the week goes on

that sucks man

Thanks for the info I will try that.

Okay guys last time i posted i had sad news about my sedan but i have put together an awesome update. if anything I was not set back by my misfortune I only have gone harder with my EF addiction. I started hanging with Honda Junkie and we have made some great stuff happen. i snapped a few pics of our sedans the day we first met up. we also removed the A/C and installed my free no name header that night.

Soon after I picked up a pretty clean STD hatch to clean up for my Dad to have a nice gas sipper. It was dirty and needed little things here and there.

I got some HX wheels from a friend on the cheap they had seven layers of paint that I stripped off. i then spent 10+ hours a wheel cleaning and polishing them at first with an electric multi tool then by hand at my kitchen table......I have the best roommates ever to put up with my craziness.

I was able to get them wrapped in some new tires and added to Pops hatch. They came out great I think. I took them a long way it was my first set of wheels I got down and dirty with

I removed the broken 90s tape deck and replaced it with a coin cup combo. I also found a stock Honda 2400 tape deck to include with the car when I gave it to my Dad in case he wanted some sound.

also added a clean 1991 owners manual to the hatch and picked up a 1990 warranties booklet for the sedan. as well I have gotten a Japanese sedan brochure


Got some new Konis for the front of the sedan i have some used ones for the rear to match

Before i could give my dad his hatch it needed a good cleaning it had already been clay bared and waxed really well but the inside was still not as clean as it could have been. Honda junkie and I removed the seats Shampooed the carpets,and mats,Installed a center console and put in a fresh headliner

Here Iam with my Pops when he got his hatch the day after the mega cleaning

The very next day I was bothered by the empty space in my driveway. So I hoped online and found a guy who traded me an 88 CRX si for my 200 si wheels. I replaced the water pump timing belt,and battery and drove it home 90 miles with no problems

I have recently been hording suspension goods for the sedan I have some koni yellows and some used ground control eibach springs/sleeves with GC extended tophats all around

I recently swapped my Nardi Nrg setup for some GSR fat fives with tires plus some cash on the other end. I should have some free time soon to drop the sedan on them now that all of my goods are here.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Lot of good stuff going on dude!

You're gonna LOVE those extended tophats! I know, I love mine!

that hatch looks pretty clean.

epic update

sooo its been a really long time. I finally got a new pc and figured Id add to this thread.

so not to long after my last update I installed my koni/GC combo and some 92s I ran this setup for about 1000 miles and 3 months. Personally I hated the suspension setup no matter how I adjusted the shocks or how high I got the ride to be I always bottomed out and pretty quickly destroyed my HKS midpipe and the front mudguards. I actually ended up selling the sedan to a close friend of mine for a bit after the last pic with my pops here.

after about 4 mouths and a clean GSR swapped eg coupe I bought my sedan back from my close buddy. He had changed a few things up to make it more friendly as a daily driver. It now sat on some tokiko blues and eibach springs.

After driving the sedan as a daily for a little bit I decided to change up the suspension a bit and buy some skunk2 full body coils. I still run this setup and really have enjoyed the improved handeling over the fan boy koni/gc stuff and silly stretched tires on wide wheels

for a bit after this I started cleaning up my black interior with a momo Honda wheel an OEM tapedeck and EQ and also and under seat tray.

I kept collecting suspension bits and started planning for my next setup. the D16a6 was starting to show its age at near 200k and all the bushings and balljoints were wearing out as well the sedan was going to need major attention soon.

so over the course of the next winter I got busy on some major upgrades. I swapped the entire car over to 4x114 ITR rolling stock with all new energy bushing,new balljoints,Skunk2 front upper control arms and rear camber kit.While I was under there I installed an innovative traction bar to help prepair for my up coming B swap. I also added the willwood 4 piston calipers up front. added stainless lines and ebc pads out back with green stuff pads and some ebc rotors up front to match. after new tie rod ends and a good 4 wheel alighnment this thing drives like a dream.

while the sedan sat with its competed suspension I got to work on the motor end of the car. I wanted a lot more than the single cam would ever be able to offer. I picked up a GSR bottom end and started the rebuild. I added PCT CTR pistons fresh hone new rings,bearings,ARP hardware all around and a cometic head gasket. For the top end of things I wanted to go wild. I had a local shop send the B16a head off to be CNC ported and re assembled with skunk2 LMAs and a complete supertech stainless valvetrain. I topped this off with some JDM CTR cams 850cc injectors (for E85) AEM 320 fuelpump and AEM FPR and a liquid filled pressure gauge. Also I scored a super good deal on a Skunk2 ultra manifold with a mathiching 68mm throttlebody. Up front I ran an OG GReady Header wrapped in titanium heat wrap.

for the transmission I used a GSR cable. I had a good buddy of mine rebuild it with an Mfactory LSD Mfactory Custom long first gear Mfactory 4.7 final drive and all new bearings plus carbon lined syncrotech master kit with new seals. To top it off I used an LS 5th gear, and a 12lb flywheel and comp stage 2 clutch kit.

Bye Bye single cam

Along the way I have also completely revamped the cluster with an Omni tachometer with built in shift light. When I retrofitted everything with LEDs I added my car club logo on the reverse side as my own personal touch. I also rebuilt a black DA armrest with new foam and fabric. I even went so far as lining the inside with black velvet. I was lucky enough to find a set of black hatch floor mats also to add to the interior.

I did at one point clean up some pretty awesome SSR mesh with all new stainless hardware new powder coating on the faces and fully polished (by me) barrels.

After it was completed I put the car on a load Dyno. I made 173hp on a mustang dyno. This was on pump gas with a tiny exhaust. In the near future I plan to have a better exhaust built,get tuned for E85 and add some more aggressive cams. I have ran down the drag strip quite a few times now. my best time is a 15.9 at 6000 feet above sea level.

As far as future plans i'am now gearing up for paint and body. I have collected an entire JDM front clip including the core support and also an optional rubber spoiler. Also an original ARC Icebox

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Wow this is one hell of an update!  Glad you bought it back and love the direction you're heading in.  Are you keeping it blue?  Will you be running the SSR or keeping the ITR wheels?

im going to keep running the ITR wheels. I had to sell the ssr mesh they wouldn't clear the willwood calipers. wheni finally get to the bodywork I want to respray the car the same color.

Man thats a savage sedan
Would have been great on the meshs, its a pity they didnt work out!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff dude!  Gonna look great when it's done.

Nice stuff man. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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