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ebay item is it oem hop or aftermarket?

pretty dope not sure if its oem any body have it ?

Looks to be the real deal OEM spoiler.

ME-B-N-ME the lucky SOB has one.

oic so it is a hop part. thanks theres a couple of them on ebay.

Yeah they've been on there for a while.

Reading the auction says that it's a replica. (didn't read it the first time)

TBH though, the pic where it's mounted was used on a real deal one a few weeks/months back.

Looks pretty sweet though, you should buy one Razz

looks good but easy to jack double side tape! i never have luck with non oem parts like lips and spoilers. never a perfect fit, they either break or get stolen. are you planing on getting it?

Nope. I've already got a spoiler.

Lol @ worrying about it being stolen, that's crazy.

sick part, i like tht styly spoiler..clean n flush Forum Index -> General Discussion
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