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drum brakes to discs swap. E-brake cable length?

I wondered if someone here could answer me to the guestion of what length cables i need for the e-brake? I know that DA tegras cables fit, but i dont think we have any of those in here, so parts are a zero find.

I have offered some brake upgrade cables and the length is 168 cm (66.142 inches), so i would like to know if they fit in there, cause they are an easy pick. So what length are the DA cables?

Rear Right; Sedan; Cable Length: 66.85 In.

Rear Left; Sedan; Cable Length: 67.4 In.

lol what the fu...

I'm answering questions from over 2 years ago...

is this the forum where questions go to not get answered??

hahah! It seems like people are more on facebook than anything.

I am more of a forum guy.  I research and look for what i need here before i ask on fb.  Nowadays, people don't like to research things it seems.

About 80% of the questions asked have already been answered on forums, it just takes time to look.

yeah, documentation and pic links are broken all the time cuz they are so old now.  when i find something with working pics, I usually print to PDF and save it in my files for future reference.  try finding info on turbo S-series saturns LOL Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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