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Drop forks??


Is there anyone out there who knows where i can get my hands on some drop forks for my sedan?
Or does anyone know if tophats works with my k-sport coilovers?

They're by suspension techniques, they had a couple of sets when i bought mine. Though i'm fairly sure they're sold out now.

Your best bet would be trying ebay etc to look for a second hand set.

What are these, drop forks.

ME-B-N-ME wrote:
What are these, drop forks.

thats what i was

They replace the OEM front forks (the thing the shock sits in), and because of their lower than OEM height, they lower the car without decreasing suspension travel.

Thats cool, Im sure since i dont see these a lot, there not around anymore are they...?

They stopped production a couple of years back, and i bought one of the last of their stock about a month ago.

(suspension techniques)

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