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dpfi swap to mpfi

im new this site but i have an 89 civic hatch that i wanna go from dpfi to mpfi. but cuz i live in cali im a little worried about it being smog legal..

if anyone can help me with this it would much appreciated

This is a sedan forum, but it's ok we love all the EFs. And i gonna leave the answer to someone that actually lives in Cali.

If you convert to mpfi, in California, you're required to have all of the smog equipment that came on the car for that model year.

In other words, if you're going to mpfi, you'll need a d16a6, with all of the proper smog equipment. IE: correct intake manifold, fuel rail, intake tube, exhaust manifold, charcoal canister for the evap system, and anything else that is smog and emissions related.

If they see the underhood emissions sticker that says its a dual point, 1.5, and it's actually a mpfi, and it's not bar'd, you're subject to getting it flagged. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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