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Do i have to convert to obd1?

Ok so i am planning on buying a 96-00 d15 motor from attarco and was wondering if i have to convert it to obd1 because i live in Cali and the smog laws are pretty strict. any info would be greatly appreciated.

You don't have to convert to obd1, I swap the whole block but use my old intake and exhaust, and pass smog just fine.  BTW, this is my third swap. Laughing

here is the pix (swap with d16y7)..


Thank you so much for that info. i was going to be hecka mad if i had to convert it to obd1.

nice swap by the way. i was planning on tossing my motor out and throw in a poor mans type r but my girlfriend ended up getting pregnant so i'm just swapping out my motor for a good strong motor.
Edison Carasio

Is your Civic DPFI or MPFI?  Also, is this a Vtec or Non-Vtec engine?

If it's DPFI and you are staying as such, just swap in the long block directly with your existing wiring and intake and such.

If it's MPFI, do the same.

And if you're gonna be VTEC AND MPFI, then buy a P29 ecu and chip it to operate VTEC and retain OBD0 status.

My civics DPFI and the motors a non-vtec D15.
Edison Carasio

Cool, then basically you can just take out the engine and put the new one right in, and re-use everything from the old one.

ok cool. converting it would of cost me hecka more money and i'm already having trouble just getting the motor. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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