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DIY/HOW TO: EG half radiator in an EF

Alright, so my radiator was leaking pretty bad. EF full radiators are hard to come by, well, more hard than halfies...and i couldn't find a very good write up for putting an halfie in an EF. Other than the options of cutting cross member, hood, making custom brackets, blah blah.

This might not be the way you'd do it. But it works, and its a start.

Tools/Supplies needed:
-Basic sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers.
-Some sheet metal to make a bracket out of. That exhaust hanger crap would work pretty well too, but that looks to shitty, even by my standards.
-A dremel, or cut off wheel.
-A drill
-A bolt or screw to hold the bracket in place.
-A friend or two to help, patience, and some food is always nice too.:yes:

1. Jack front of car up, this is especially helpful if you're EF is lowered, saves your back some pain.

2. Make sure car is cool, drain your coolant. Make sure you remove your radiator cap when doing this. It allows the coolant to flow much quicker. Dispose of properly.

3. After coolant is drained, you can then remove your radiator. This involves removing the two brackets that are on the upper sides of the radiator, the upper radiator hose, and lower radiator hose. Also, you must remove the line that goes to the coolant overflow tank, which is located near the drivers side motor mount. I also removed the battery, and my intake, just to get some more room.

After that, you should be to this point.

4. Alright, this is where things start to get interesting, as you can see here, the half radiator is much taller than an EF full radiator.

4. I set the radiator in, where it sat at its lowest point.

This also allows the upper and lower radiator hose to sit in just about exactly there stock positions. So that's a very good plus.

I started looking around, weighing out my options, the tilt just didn't look good at all. Hacking the cross member looked to be a huge pain in the ass.

I decided that cutting a section of the under skin of the hood is where i would start.

I had layed down underneath the car, armed with a light, and had a friend shut the hood, while i marked with a sharpie where the radiator cap, and dowel pin on top of the radiator, were hitting the hood.

From here, i went to town.

This is what i ended up with.

No, im not the best cutter in the world. Im gonna go back and clean the cut up abit. lol.

i had a friend go underneath the car, and hold the radiator in place, to see if it cleared.

SO CLOSE. The support on the hood under the skin was still hitting. Simple solution, cut slits in the side of it, and bend it down.

Voila! It shut fine.

Sweet, that's one obstacle down.

5. Now, you have to make some sort of bracket to hold the radiator in place.

This was pretty easy, i had some about 1 1/2 in sheet metal sitting around, drill a hole in it the size of the dowel on the top of the radiator, bent in two 90 degree angles, of the appropriate height, and drill another hole in the bottom of the bracket. Then drill a small hole in the front crossmember, or whatever you wanna call that piece up front the old brackets for the fullsize radiator used to bolt to, and the hood latch is on. That piece.

Put your bracket on. Make sure the hood still shuts. If it does, move ahead, if not, adjust your bracket.

6. Now, remove that bracket, b/c you have to put your lower radiator hose on. And its not easy.

This part was by far the hardest of the hole process.The stock radiator hose is about 1/8in smaller than the EG radiator hose.

This is how i went about getting it on.

Heat, and lube. And a LOT OF ELBOW GREASE. And time. I used a bit of 5w-30 on my finger, rubbed the inside of the hose, heated the hose up a bit with a propane torch. DO NOT BURN IT, ONLY HEAT IT, just enough to soften in up a bit. Then just start working it, eventually it will stretch a bit, and when it does, hose clamp it. It took two of us to do this, one person holding the radiator, while i shoved that hose on, and tightened the clamp. PITA, but it worked eventually.

7. Once the lower hose is on, its pretty much smooth sailing from here. But the hose on the t-stat housing, apply your hose clamp there. The upper radiator hose didn't go on nearly as hard as my bottom one did, i was able do it alone, with out any issue.

8. Put your bracket back on, to hold the radiator in place.

9. Fill back up with coolant, and distilled water mix.  Put overflow tank back on, bleed system, start it, let it get to operating temp, and enjoy!


There are a couple of this i didn't cover in this write up,

1. A lower mount for the radiator.
Mine doesn't move around that much with only the top mount, so it isn't that huge of a deal. If it is to you, then I'm sure you could fab something up using the stock bracket for the normal full size ef radiator. I'm not gonna worry about mine to much yet.

2. A radiator fan.
Honestly, when i got done last night, it was about 11:30 at night, and i just wanted to sleep at that time, because i was supposed to work today at 8 this morning. Unfortunately, i seem to have caught the flu, so now i'm spending my time writing this HOW TO. Lol. Anyway, i don't think the stock fan is a bolt on thing, the mounting bolt holes dont line up....not that i saw anyway. I'm gonna order a slimfan, and call it a day. The OEM Fans are like 2.4 or 3 inches thick anyway, DO NOT WANT! lol.

3. The overflow tank.
On the stock full size radiator, the line to the overflow runs along the top of the radiator, to the overflow near the drivers side mount. On the EG radiator, its on the the back of the radiator, pointing towards the engine bay, this is inconvenient because it shoots a random line right over your header if you run it to the stock overflow position, and looks super messy. So for now, my line is just ran straight down, to the ground. I hate it, but it got me home last night, I think im gonna order a universal coolant overflow tank, and mount somewhere where i dont have to run a line all over the place. Or find a way to mount the line.

There are other ways of putting a halfie in, i know. But this is the route i went, and it worked fine.

Hope this inspires someone else, this is my first write up. Woot!

Heres a few for the road....

Ugh, winter has started. All i want for christmas is grip.



nice write up. i started to do this but i didnt finish bc i didnt know how to mount it at the bottom and getting the hose on. but now i know how to do it so im going to get me another half rad.

If i help one person, im happy. I had fun doing the write up, i think im gonna start making up for everything i do...

cool keep the post coming. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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