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DIY Camber Kit install and adjustment

Good Evening my fellow sedan friends!

So today I have decided to install my yummy camber kit. This is a really simple installment. Seriously ANYONE can do this.

So first things first, you will need:

14mm socket
Ratchet with extension
Jack stands (for safety)
Cross bar to remove wheels
measuring tape
and a decent sized level

OK, now lets get to it ladies and Gents (only one lady on here that I know of but we will go with ladies). Smile

lets of course start by jacking up the sedan.

we will set our jack stands right in front of each tire right on the support bracket.

Here is my problem area...

Now lets remove those wheels shall we.

Our stock camber arm. (2) 14mm bolts to the chassis and (1) 14mm bolt to the upper part of the trailing arm.

From end to end the stock arm is 8 1/2 inches. but from mounting point to mounting point it is exactly 8 inches.

aftermarket line up

Mounted to chassis, its best to make sure the bolts are not tight but just enough to stay on with some play to line up the trailing arm.

All buttoned up

Now for measurement and desired camber.

I personally wanted to be dead on as far as my camber went so 0 degrees is what I have her at now for proper alignment.

This can be achieved by standing a level up straight and achieving perfect level leaning on the middle of the up rear quarter panel.
take a take measure and run it from the face of the rotor on the upper side and the lower side. Take down your measurements and if they are exactly the same length top and bottom you are obviously at 0 degrees camber. I don't want to get into the equation because i will lose most of you lol plus I suck at math.

Currently at (0) degrees, Perfect level

So now you need to do the same steps to other side of the vehicle. Keep the first tire off until completely sure you are done. Playing with the camber sucks sometimes. In the end I finished with 8 1/2 inches exactly for my camber arm (this number is solely based on the height of your car so make sure you remember the lower you go, the more length you will need to achieve 0 degrees).

Well everyone, I enjoyed doing my first write up for you. I hope this is helpful and informative. Be sure to inbox me if you have any questions whatsoever.

good write up  Smile

Why thank you sir. This is why I didn't text you back all that time lol.

Super cool. I'm hoping to get a master bushing set, done used lcas in need of bushings, camber adjustment and so on to refresh my suspension. Want to do a rear sway too. This is very helpful! Glad you showed how you did it so we know how to get driving faster!

Im glad I can be of service! As I continue building my car there will be tons of write ups to follow. I want to contribute to the sedan community to the best of my ability.

Good stuff man

Thanks! means a lot coming from you guys

Gonna be usin this soon Very Happy Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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