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Distributor Issue

So, if you have seen my other posts, my new engine pretty much hates me. Recently I replace the head gasket. I have it all put back together and it barely runs, but that isn't the current issue.

I went to grab the distributor to adjust it slightly and the thing zapped me. I am 100% sure I didn't brush against the battery or anything like that and I wasn't wearing any rings, watches.
Has this ever happened to any body?

No, is the engine correctly grounded?

~Sp33~ wrote:
No, is the engine correctly grounded?


I will try to take some pics later today, but for now here is what I have.

I have one ground on the power steering bracket, one on the back side of the head close to the cam cover, one coming off the thermostat housing, and the one that is on the transmision.

I do not have one specifically coming off the valve cover, but I figured the 2 directly on the head would suffice. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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