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Did z6 swap, now wont come out of gear

Hey guys. I just got the swap in the car and hooked up but now the car wont come out of gear. The shifter wont budge at all. Idk what to do. I searched for some answers on here an google but no luck. Any ideas?

Did you adjust your clutch cable? When my car was not coming out of gear, i had to adjust the clutch cable and make it tighter...

I did that. That was my first thought. Now people are saying my tranny is screwed but it worked like new before the swap. Clutch is almost new and flywheel is clean, shifted through every gear like butter. I hope its something simple because I am broke and need my car back, we are driving a toyota van that has cost me $300 in the last 13 days in gas. And my commute is only 60 miles a day

Would it shift if car is off, or this just happen while engine is running?

What did you do before this issue, or was it driving fine then suddenly got stuck?

We got it fixed. The shift linkage was kinda pinched up due to it being taken off the rack wrong while me and my buddy were gone. Thanks tho for the reply
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