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did it again lol

my oh my, how did i do it again, i went down in clutchs an it did good for bout 8 months, an BAM cracked another pedal assembly lol

You should just let me have your sedan. I will be gentle.

I have a pedal assembly in my crx if you want it.

The weld on the assembly is weak. Always has been. If You can, I would weld the other side of the assembly to add much better support.

cracked where there is no weld lol

that happen to me once with the lhd p assembly and twicw on my friend hatch.

did this to my rhd p assembly


nice man, il pul the welder out this weds an reinforce it alot more in the weak spots.

That's EXACTLY how I did mine. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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