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demon_camber's "project DD" 89 lx ef sedan:56K?hel

well i have been on the lookout for a Untouched ef hatch or sedan for a daliy for a while now,and i somewhat lost hope in looking for one because all the ones that i went to see had rust or something stupid done to it.but on the way back from looking at one upstate i passed by a little used car lot 5min from my house and they had a 88-89 gold sedan, and man was the car clean. the car had not one spec of rust on it. the interior is very clean and untoched.the engine bay needed some tlc but was untouched.the car even had the factory car jack kit,spare,and factory owners manual. the car was perfect for me, so i picked it up 30mins later. and then the snow hit! and a as most of you know from the tri-state area it was alot. but i had nothing to do today and my driveway was clear so i test fitted my ARE's and slammed her.

i slammed her on a set of nrg coilovers:front:maxxed out with one collar, rear:spring only"no sleve"

here's the interior:


and the test fit of my wheels,spacers will be needed!!!

the car will be purely cosmetic,no go fast bits here,unless it's a arc induction box.

the wheels will be mounted in about a month,for now i'm just looking at some tire options,and getting them near perfict and polished.

future mods will be:
sidemarkers,single edm rear fog light,jdm ef8 foglights,crx dash"maybe?".window visors,rear disk and a few other thing i'll mention later.
i just want to build something that i can take to carshows,meets but drive it everyday and it will also let me work on my s13 coupe that will be a dream car build for me.

updates in a few days.

looks like a good start!
whoa its len 2

Nice find. Looks like its going in the right direction.  Cool

Damn that looks really neat.

When the weather is better, you should spend a day on that paint it looks like it would come up super nice.

At me precisely such, here only I can not a signal in a wing buy ((((in Russia it 120 dollars cost, and it is necessary to wait three weeks ((((and others do not approach, the car excellent!!!

~Sp33~ wrote:
Damn that looks really neat.

When the weather is better, you should spend a day on that paint it looks like it would come up super nice.

thats what i plan on doing next,the car will get a wetsand and buff. but the weather is kinda bad for that know so i'll wait till it get's nice. btw i love your sedan sp33.

Thanks bud.

Damn those wheels are HOT! Shocked
Fits the car perfect.

uh jeha love the rims Very Happy

thanks for the replys!!! updates tommoro!!


wheels look gangsta..they deff will stand out n keep it looking clean

Nice one O, I think I have the same SOHC body/loom and I have a DOHC in at the mo. just to let you know it can be done, just keep your SOHC distributor your going to need it...

Looks freak-en cold o...

thanks guys!
tommoro i will detail the engine bay and buff the car to bring out the color,and i might install my sidemarkers.

nice gold sedan man.
build that baby up!

my plan is basically what you said.
DD with cosmetics and a few lite stock engine mods.
just for those meets and cruises!

well i took some pics today.
i put on my edm rear fog light and sidemarkers and went alittle lower in the rear to even the car out.i finished polishing my wheels(over 10hrs a wheel) and will order my tires tommoro(205/40/16).i picked up a db8 gsr sedan rear disk but that might go one alittle later. i wanna go lower but i have to put my wheels on to see how much clearence i have. i put on a non-gti lip but i will remove it once the wheels are on. next for the car will be rain gards,a rusted driver side fender,repaint moldings and extended tophats, project kics neo cro lugnuts,1 inch front and 2 inch rear spacers, a rear camber for more camber, a wink mirror, and more.

getting ready for honda day and the nj to va meet.

i cleaned up the engine bay but it got dirty agian. lol

my rear disk.

bye bye y49!!!!

You should attach the lip properly lol, liking the way the rest of it looks though.

looking good not to many of them around our way (new jersey)

doing well O, good to see your putting disks on the back, good move.

put the lip on right, and will look good..

Rusted driver side fender? Confused

^^^^ i know, most dont like self-rusted parts but i do. i wont  attach the lip properly beacuse i'd rather have the zipties break than having screws rip out of my bumper.

but anyway i got my wheels on yesterday and took it to a local meet.

next will be spacers,lots of camber,and going lower!!! yeah and also rain guards.


yr87m is the shit!

screws wont rip out like you think they would..

wow.... i havent been on here in a while...

a few things happened with my sedan since i was gone,

i lowwerd the car alittle more and added a volvo lip and got rain guards, and i got my shift knob..........

then i got an idea for a local honda day:

...........................................................................................................................................................   .      .     .     .   .

then i took it all off.............

more to come soon......................

i like how low its sitting haha

Hey man, you look like your good at choosing tire sizes lol.

What would you recommend that would look good not stretched on 14x7 rims?  

And with some stretch on the same size rims?

that thing is SICK lol

I like it! The wheels are sick, the stance is sick, I think the only thing I would change is the shifter.


Love those wheels! I'm going to jump on this camber fad..... As soon as I get my hands on some adapters I'm going to put the Daytons from my 66 chevy onto the sedan and tuck them  Laughing

Not diggin all the fender swaps.... You have good sheet metal and keep throwing on mis-matched pieces   Confused      I don't get it.... I mean I get it, but can't see why it is cool to some

your car looks awesome man i love the fender with all the pine tree air freshners drawn in.
Joey f.

I really want to see those ARE's with tires on them! Every time I see ARE's theyre some wack offset.. those look really good.

where is the progress dude? i want to see this thing rolling around Razz

mitsubishiv5 wrote:
where is the progress dude? i want to see this thing rolling around Razz

sorry evo got rid of the ARE's.

but i have a set of sawblades that i'm going to attempt to put on my sedan. (17x9.5)


good luck man, but right now i truly dont know where you are going.


nice wheels but a little too big Wink
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Interesting choice of wheels.  Could look good but I thought you were going a different direction?  Regardless, looking forward to seeing some progress. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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