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del sol leather seats??

never seen these before today, so i absolutely HAD to have them.. anybody know any info, or what they might be worth? considered using them myself, but i'm a stocky dude, and i'd probably wear those bolsters out in no time.. not to mention the hassle of trying to find a rear seat solution that would not look of ass.

cleaned them up a little bit for the pic, but i have a lot more cleaning to do, as well as some leather conditioner to work into them


Wasn't there a motegi delsol? I thought they had brown leather as standard, but maybe there is also a version with the black leather...
Edison Carasio

I believe those are just stock Del Sol seats with aftermarket leather covers on them.

The ones on that link are different but I saw some in the junk yard like the ones in the OP (they were all dogged out or I would have bought em) and it was normal Del Sol fabric under the leather.

oem dealer upgrade option.. it replaces the seat skin. did quite a bit of rrsearch on it before I sold them Forum Index -> General Discussion
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