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D2 sport coilovers on ED4 sedan civic

after 3 years i looking for a new suspansion setup,
i'm running right now KYB shock +ebay coil over and the car is not so low and the handling is nice but little bubmpy.

i'm looking for somthing that will handle more, and will go lower then now.

One of the only products available in our market for the EF is D2 coilovers, and i was thinking to buy the D2 sport (cald also LS ) coilovers.

spring rates are 12kg in the front and 6kg i the rear,

Is there anyone here who runs this coilovers ?
how are they ?
Is the ride feel too hard and bumpy,
Or they are relatively comfortable?

Would you recommend to go for the D2 street and not the sport ?

thanks for the help .

Just get Koni/GC. You can go super low with them and choose how it rides with custom spring rates.

I second the GC/Koni Yellow setup.  Had this on my GSR and loved it. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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