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1991 ef sedan

d16y8 swap

so i did some research and it seems all the good writeups i find they stay obd0 and use a vtec switch.

i on the other hand want to go obd1. so i have some questions maybe  i can get settled!

the motor is originally obd2 so will all the obd1 sensors hook up?

instead of running a jumper harness cant i just run a wire harness from a vtec eg and be done with it?

anddddd i read somewhere i have to use a non vtec obd1 dizzy?
1991 ef sedan

noone wants to help me? Sad

Well Obd 0 is ok but Obd 1 will tune better for what your wanting to do. if you stay OBD 0 you will have a hard time finding a ecu that will run a SHOC V-tec But if you go OBD 1 you can use a p 28 and have it tuned. As for your Y8 you will want to use your OBD 0 ( like you intake or Rewire and pin plugs for OBD2 )stuff on the moter like dizzy and stuff.. Dizzys stay with you Gens of ECU  I.E. OBD 0 ecu OBD 0 dizzy

I did a swap on my ef9 back then with y8 motor, and you can keep everything original and add on a vtec controller.  Forgot which brand but it widely available.

My car has a y8. I had rywire do my harness they sent it back to me with the obd0-obd1 harness. I used a p28 Ecu and had to modify the mounts a little bit. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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