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D16Y8 SWAP in ED4 sedan.

Hello everyone.

i have 1991 EX CIVIC sedan and i swaped the angine to D16Y8

i Bought OBD0 to OBD1 Harness and i got P28 + Y8 distributor.

Can anyone help me with electrical drawings, or some information  how to connect the distributor and if i need to do some changes in the OBD0 to OBD1 Harness for the P28  ?

for now i'm running the angine with the PM6 non vtec.



if its a true EX you dont need to do anything to the electrical. you just
need the jumpers. (ecu,dizzy) yea you might need to work on the
electrical but not on your oem harness. the ecu jumper comes with a
harness for your 4 wire o2 sensor, vtec, oil psi switch, etc. but it
should come with instructions for that.

obd1 and obd2 distributors are the exact same thing except for the plugs.(again, you just need the obd0 to obd2 dizzy jumpers)

you dont have to do anything to the ecu jumper harness.

this is the jumper for the dizzy.


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