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d16a6 and zc

i have a single zc non-v my question is.. is the d16a6 and the single zc roughly the same??? i have a single zc in my ef2 its non v also is there a such thing as a single zc-vtec?? bcause im always hearing about it but never knew if there is a sucn thing??
BiG ChOr!Zo

yes they are pretty much the same and use the same parts...the zc sohc has a supposibly more aggressive cam than the d16a6 and a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold where as the d16a6 uses a 4-1 design...usually the zc sohc vtec motors come in 92+ where as most zc sohc non-vtec motors in the 88-91 generation are mpfi or dual carb...!!!

now if i wanted valve springs for my zc, can i order them for a a6 and put them in my zc?

yes but unless you plan on running a super agressive cam then there is no point. I know many people who have ran stock springs with a delta 272 regrind.

what exactly is a regring ??? i know more or less what it is but dont know the exact on it

A regrind is reshaping your cam to change lift and duration. Basically making your stock cam into a performance cam. There are many companies who do this... Delta is the cheapest. Bisimoto is a little more expensive but do their own r&d so you are guaranteed a great product. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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