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d15b7 confusion...

Ok I was going to swap a d15b7 in as a donar motor for now but my buddy says that I have to do sooooo much wiring due to the fact that its an odb1 motor. It comes with the motor, ecu, wiring harness etc. I need a obd0 to obd1 jumper harness correct? what other wiring is needed? Any help please? What I find out here will determine whether I buy the motor or not.

Tell your boy to sit down and read another honda tuning magazine...

Drop the long block(block and head) in and bolt up your intake manifold and whatever header you choose and enjoy!

Simple as it gets. No wiring change or ecu needed.

I thought it sounded a bit off the way he was talking but again, this is new territory for me. I have a d15b2 as of now with the dpfi. The b7 has mpfi so at first I just though that I would have to do the wiring for that. But if I have the harness and ecu for the b7 do I need to run the 4 wires usually ran for the mpfi swap? And do I need the jumper harness since the car came as a obdo. I have been asking around and reading and getting off the wall answers and they are different almost everytime.

Mpfi swap is another story. But still not hard. You will need to move 2 pins and add the 2 wires at your ecu plugs. You'll need all 4 injectors and plugs. If using obd0 injectors you'll need the resistor box. Obd1 inj. do not require it. Also to keep it simple use a pm6 ecu. Otherwise you'll need an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness.
This is one of the better mpfi write-ups i have found. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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