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d15b2 rebuild and add-ons or z6 swap??? help!!!

Ok so I need some help. Ive been thinking and looking around a bit. My d15b2 needs new rings, it smokes and drinks oil good, and new valve cover gasket. I was going to just get a d16z6 swap w/o tranz for $450. But, what if I got a p29 high comp piston kit and a mpfi swap with a z6 head or just an mpfi with a6 cam and a semi built head. I am still searching on it but I would like some input, ideas, suggestions? Which route would be cheaper? I am still new to a lot of this so help would be great! btw the d15b2 has 245k on it. I would of course do new gaskets and fluids as well. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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