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d15b2 motor swap

Hey guys i just swapped another d15b2 in my sedan and yesterday and when i started it for the first time it idled very bad and stays on for about 2 mins then it does, its also back fires and now has the check engine light on, can anyone help me out?

Pull the carpet back on the passenger side to check your ecu. I dont know if you know this already but there is a blinking light on your ecu and it will blink say 6 times for Code 6 or blink 10 times for Code 10 and so on. Maybe read what code or codes your throwing that is where I would start. You have to check this while your check engine light is on so it will read the error code. For the idle issue maybe check the idle air control valve and when I think of a backfire my problems have always been distributor or ignition coil related.

i havent checked the ecu but i will in a while, and i moved the distributor around while my car is on and it idles fine when i have it in a certain position, so can that mean its just off timing?

Your timing is off.

It's very possible thats it's off time checking the ecu code will it turn tell you whats wrong.

deffinetly sounds like the timing, but you should check your codes as well.

easy fix just get rid of the b2 and get a d16a6 Smile or convert to mini-me. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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