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D15B2 mini-me parts list - need input

I hate swaps personally, that's why I am compiling a parts list for a daily single slammer.

Now the reason why I hate swaps is because of the hype, seems like everyone these days believe going DOHC is the only way to make power, not true.

Anyways some quick facts.

1991 EF sedan DX 5MT
104k miles, seeping headgasket ( signs of some milk in my oil cap )
$5000 budget for my build, doesn't mean I'm going to spend it all FYI.

My plan is to compile a full list of parts before I even start buying them.

I am fully capable of doing my own labor - all things from wiring to motor rebuilds.

So far my parts list as of right now.

D15b2 block
D16z6 head
Intake manifold
 Fuel rail with injectors
Chipped P06 for backyard tuning
D16y8 head gasket
Hondata intake manifold gasket
Rywire obd0 -> obd1 dizzy jumper harness

Future items for build
Set of forged pistons 10.5 cr with rods
Oem bearings
Supertech valves and springs
Oem retainers
3 row half rad and turbo kit some where along the road because I plan to do a high compression boost build.

Anyways, am I missing anything?

I would go with a y8 head but I do not want to deal with obd0 to obd2.

There's much more support for obd1 and easier to tune.

I haven't gone to far into obd2 research but I'm open to enlightenment.

You don't need to convert to obd2 w the y8 can stay obd0 or just convert to obd1.

4dred6 wrote:
You don't need to convert to obd2 w the y8 can stay obd0 or just convert to obd1.

Ah. I decided to keep the z6 head in my list.

Found out it flows better and loves timing.

The y8 seems to be the best block because of chamfers but i don't plan on changing blocks unless it blows.

Edit: I need arp head studs

And that looks like all ill need then

d15b cam- alittle more aggressive than z6 cam.

z6 manifold- (thumbs up)

find yourself a 88-89 dohc integra transmission (ZC)
Thats a d16y6 if im correct
the final drive on that is very sexual (4.52) from what ive seen

other than that your ECU would be best if p28. the P28 came with the EX Civic, which had the Z6 motor in it.

^What he said about the tranny. You will run higher rpms at cruising speed. My new si (from the d16a6) runs about 3.1k at 62 or so. Its final drive is at 4.25. And its double overdrive. I still get 35 mpg. Dualport d15b non v.


Si crx/hatch/ex sedan tranny.

Beware use of the teg tranny will require a different axle set.

thanks for the vouch!

Yes you will need a different axle set up and a intermediate shaft. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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