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d15b1 motor troubles oil, spark plugs.

So I've been having some problems lately with my civic. First thing to mention is hesitation in 2nd-3rd gear between 2.5-4k rpm is usually when it happens. Sometimes not at all. Accelerating from first I've had a intake backfire happen 4 times now followed by loss of power almost stalling then back to normal. I let the car sit for 4 days not too long ago. When i started it it puffed blue smoke like a chimney for about a mile until i got to highway speeds. Feels great driving at highway speed lol. Cylinder #3 has oil on the spark plug threads but not on the electrode. Did a compression check, even across the board. Next I'll do "wet" compression test and see what happens. Just thought I'd share my delima and get some feedback. First honda I've had this type of problems with ehh.

I get that intake backfire as well sometimes revmatching my downshifts. Curious as to why that happens myself.

you need to check the sequence of your spark plug wires. judging from your dilemmas I would say they are pretty wrong. Not to mention you need a whole new valve cover gasket set. The little gasket O-rings that seal the spark plug walls from inside the valve cover are shot...GARAUNTEED! and trust me you are burning that oil. the tip of your spark plug is pretty black im assuming and the threads of the plug are nice and "lubed" lol. Change it immediately and you should no longer see smoke. now for the timing. you need to check the plug wires for sure. Maybe need to change the dizzy. Are you getting any check engine light codes?

First thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. The #3 cylinder is the problem. The plugs tip is whitish, very light brown color and all the threads are covered in wet oil. Its definitely burning oil, a decent amount of it to. I havnt checked the tube seal for leaks or wire order, but I wil asap.  At idle the motor has a minor imbalance to it, almost unoticable.

Can  worn tube o-rings really cause oil to leak into the combustion chamber? I'm hoping worst case scenerio valve stem seals are toast on that cylinder. More like best case to me lol. I'm sure this car sat for a year or two based on registration records.

Edit: no check engine codes so far

No problem, That is what we are here for.

Now yes you are definitely burning oil no doubt. But think about it, the only way oil can get into the chambers are if 1. The piston rings completely take a crap. 2. if the O-ring seals on the valve cover take a crap, as it will leak into the spark plug threads and generally get into the cylinder, especially If you take the plugs out. and finally 3. your head gasket takes a crap. There are probably more but lets look at these factors first. I had the same issues and replaced the seals and she ran just fine with no more oil burning. The manifold backfire has to be an ignition issue. Back firing is premature detonation. ALSO check your timing when it comes to the crank pulley and the cam gear lining up. If you don't know how to time your motor, there are plenty of write ups on here. Anything further and I will be more than happy to help you. By the way, Welcome to the community. Post up in the intro thread and tell us about yourself. Very Happy

I was having all of the same issues but the smoke up until a couple of weeks ago when I changed distributors haven't had problem since. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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