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D15B vtec?

what all do i need to do to put a D15B Vtec in my car? i have heard i can use my a6 dizzy and intake manifold and get a ecu to run vtec. is that true?

If it's a OBD0 dizzy it can't be used because u will have to convert it into OBD1 about the manifold I seen it on a some engines but I'm not too sure about that one. I'll see if I can get u more info on how my engine is set up.

thanks. bc a friend has a d15B and he used a obd0 dizzy and cut one of the ears off it to get it to fit. well the d16a6 motor i have in my car is the same way, it has one ear missing.

You can use an obd0 dizzy if you really want to. But you would have to dremel open one of the mounting holes on the dizzy to mount it. Not cut it off completely. In this case you would use a PM6 ECU and power the vtec solenoid with an rpm module(or however else suits you). Otherwise convert to obd1 and use a 92-95 ecu

I had a D15B in my 91 Si and used an autometer rpm module to power the solenoid. Car pulled pretty good with that motor mated to an Si trans

thank you. i was going to send my pm6 to get chipped for vtec by zdyne, and get a si tranny when i get money again. i have a modified tranny now. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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