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d15b vtec help

bought the car and the body harness was repinned for a obd1 harness to hook up for the engine....threw in the d15b and now it wont turn over at all...

I have power at the starter and it does spin when jumped.

What is the rectangle harness in the upper pass side of the engine bay for? Its not hooked up and was never repinned.

I bought the car with no engine or engine harness in it. Hoping the engine harness doesnt need to be repinned

figured out more.....fuse 14 keeps blowing as soon as the car is in the ON position....alternator/solenoid valve.....started disconnecting stuff and finally noticed its in the harness on the driver side of the car....

I dont see any wires messed up or corroded......i have unhooked each sensor and tried over and over...there is no intake manifold bracket for the wires to possibly ground out on....

I just put in the fuel pump as there a chance the fuel pump itself could be hitting the chassis of the car making it short out? idk what it could be.....i checked all noticeable wiring for pinches...

fuel pump is not turning on, starter will not rotate with key....main relay does not click at all.....starter relay clicks once when trying to start as it should Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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