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d15b non vtec questions. (More questions added 1/13/12)

So i'm going to buy a jdm d15b non vtec from attarco and so far i've learned that everything on my dx 4d will fit on and i'll still be cali legal without converting to obd1. i was wondering what could i do to it to give some power?

could i build a d15b vtec motor with it?

You could go vtec but you would have to find the head and convert from dpfi to mpfi as well as obd0 to obd1. You could also convert from dpfi to mpfi with out vtec and use the si ecu and gain more power over the dpfi setup. After that the possibilities open up more you could build a nasty NA single cam or turbo the single cam. Depends on what you want to do with the car though. I would upgrade suspension and brakes before I started building a motor though.

what head would i be looking for? and i was thinking of going mpfi. and whats NA single cam mean? i don't really want to do turbo because i want my car to be all motor powered. i do plan on doing the rear disc brakes hopefully soon but i don't know how long thats going to take.

NA means all motor

oh ok. i kind of figured it was but wanted to make sure.

ok so i have some more questions

which do i use for:

motor oil?
spark plugs?
water pump?
oil filter?
fuel filter?

do i just use the same ones from a 96-00 dx/lx usdm civic?

If your getting a non vtec d15b you use all the same stuff as the d15b2 from the 88-91 civic. Not sure about the d15b vtec motor though

Ok well good thing its non-vtec or else I'd be screwed. Ok thanx man for the info.

ok so i got the motor all wired up and fires up but runs kind of hard. the old spark plug wires don't fit properly so i think i need some from a 96-00 civic and maybe the spark plugs too.

any info on this would be appreciated. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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