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d15 b conversion

i have a jap eg8 lyin in the yard the last year and i think its about time should  make use of it....i want to drop the d15bvtec manual  into the ed2 wich is auto but i was wondering can i do this without spending any money on mounts and lever can i just use the engine mounts of the eg and alter them to the ed shell???plus will the clutch lever kit of the eg fit the ef???this is my first ever project so i want to make sure i do it right......iv looked everywhere but can never find the exact info im any help will be much appreciated!!!!!

The engine will drop straight in
You will need to do a full loom swap
Convert to fuel injection
Most of that will come from the EG anyway

The one thing thats a balls is the clutch
Dont know if an EG pedal box will drop straight in?
If so well and good then your gonna have to get it running a hydraulic clutch which can be done with Hasport kit or by doing an custom Master Cylinder setup..

Alternatively to could go with an EF pedal set up and run a cable clutch

cheers man very much appreciated!!!i had fellas telling me that id have to go chopping the shell so im delighted the engine slots straight in!thanks again man!! Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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