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D.I.Y. Amber Corner/Bumper Lenses

Here's a really quick D.I.Y. for making amber corner/bumper lenses (Since no one sells the corners for 90-91's).


Krylon Orange Stained Glass Paint (bought it from Michaels arts and crafts store)
Rust-Oleum Clear Spray Paint (from Home Depot)
Masking Tape (found it under my bed Razz )


For the bumper lenses, you will be painting the INSIDE of the plastic lenses. So take those off and clean them very well with soap and water, then when they are completely dry clean them with rubbing alcohol.

For the corner lenses, I bought brand new clear corners (because it will look weird painting the stock ones, the amber reflector will throw off the coloring). Clean them with rubbing alcohol. You will be painting on the outside of these corners because the lense is superglued to the back and I didn't want to risk cracking them trying to pry them apart.

Mask off the outside of the bumper lenses to avoid getting overspray onto the outside of them. On both the bumper and corner lenses, spray as many coats as you'd like depending on the shade of orange you want. I sprayed about 5 coats on them (the more you spray, the darker it gets). I waited about 10-15 minutes between coats. When you spray each coat, it'll look like the lenses get a little foggy/fuzzy, but it gets clearer as it dries so dont worry.

After the last coat of orange, wait about a half hour before you start spraying the clear. Be very careful not to spray too much every coat, that stuff runs VERY easily. I did about 3 coats on each, waiting 15 minutes between each. The last coat, spray it on faily thick but not too much to the point it runs. I say spray it thick because it'll make the lense look a lot smoother (you'll see what I mean when you do it).

And thats about it! Let the corners dry over night. The bumper lenses can be put on about an hour after you get done painting them.

is this the same thing for corner lens?

JamesV wrote:
is this the same thing for corner lens?

try and read thru that one more time.. you should get your answer.. or just look at the thread title.. lol

oh Exclamation

umm man they do sell amber corners for the Ed's N Ef's on they have amber blk housing n clears on there

you're right they do.. but this thread is for those that dont want to go spend more money on premade amber corners when when you can do it yourself with a $3 can of spraypaint and have it look just as good. thats why this thread is titled D.I.Y. amber.. not go out and buy amber..

oh cool im not really a fan of amber corners I like blk housing corners I plan on getting JDm 1 piece headlights soon

I hope you plan on doing the whole JDM front conversion for the 1 piece headlights. Unless your good at cutting and bondo and reshaping.
Good luck to ya Smile

i did my corners and side markers this way, i was in a hurry, like always, Crying or Very sad
but overall it worked pretty well

Denton15501 wrote:
umm man they do sell amber corners for the Ed's N Ef's on they have amber blk housing n clears on there

Those of us with 90-91 are SOL for both amber and black housing corner lights since the CRX ones are different to my knowledge.


post pics peeps?? i really want to try this but i want to see how it comes out


if you want to paint the inside of your clear lenses you can bake your corner lights to get them open this is the same process you use to open up your headlight. set the oven to 250 for ten min. then put in the corner lenses for between 5 and 10 min just pull them out after 5 and check to see if the silicone is loose... then you can paint the inside so it'll last. just be sure to buy some automotive silicone to reseal them when done

i know its been a while since you posted this, but can u post some pics? of the bumper and corner lights?

I tried to find the krylon stained glass paint at Hobby Lobby tonight and they looked at me like im crazy-I guess i will have to try some other store.

You can also go to Hobby Stores and ask for Tamiya Hobby Paint and it should work as well.

Is that Tamaya paint in a spray can?  i really want to do this project badly!

I went to a michaels near me and all they had was yellow. Ohhh well time to try someone else.

From what i gather, the Krylon is no longer manufactured.  The Tamiya is  not in a spray can-use it and paint the corners with a brush?  that would look really bad if you ask me.

this is pretty handy must ask though could i use any amber colour spry paint on my corners and bumper lense's as i wants amber corners Very Happy

well our problem is solved.....sorta

Looks like somebody on ebay is selling depo-made amber corners for 4dr 90-91 sedans.  I bought a set but cost me almost 50 bucks with the bumper lights.  Its going to look sick though!

Tamiya clear orange comes in spray cans.i have one ready for when I do mine. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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