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D series A/C pump

Summer time is coming up soon, so I figured I'd charge my A/C system seeing as how it's bone dry. I've only had my car a few months so I don't know any of the history on it. Long story short, the pump is shot. It's got a sweet sweet leak. I've never owned a Honda with A/C (not by my doing) so I don't know much about A/C system in 'em. I was wondering if all D series pumps are the same? Like ones off of EGs and EKs? I tried searching an couldn't really find anything solid. Mostly just stuff using D series pumps with B series swap and so forth.

I feel a little stupid. Meant compressor, not pump. Not sure where my brain was at when I posted this. Still noting though? No one knows off hand?
Type-S EF

The lines are different after 93 because they switched to 134a then.  Other than that i couldn't tell you.

Make sure you flush the lines and replace the dryer before charging with 134a, and to use an oil for 134a not what the old service manual says. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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